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Get a technical focus on Adobe's Creative Suite.
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Learn powerful tools to build your professional presence.
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Perfect your coding, designing, testing, or debugging skills.
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Reach your targets with the latest marketing technologies.
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Keep up with technology or learn the basics.
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Yes. We're here for you. Because of you. VisualMedia Alliance, our supportive backbone, is a trade association helping the careers and businesses of our members to be productive and successful. The fast pace of change in technologies makes ongoing education a lifeline to business sustainability and longevity.

Our classes are for our industry. Not for academics. They take place as hands-on workshops in our classrooms; as online webinars from your desktop; or as customized instruction at your own company location. Education is available on both Macs and PCs using the latest software versions while addressing previous versions as well. Class sizes are small and intimate, often with 5 or less students, so each student can have personalized attention for their learning experience.

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“I try to utilize many webinars on lots of topics as it lets me maximize my time in the office versus traveling offsite. And quite honestly your webinar was the most information filled 2 hours I’ve attended in years! Your passion for this is very apparent, and the amount of knowledge you have is amazing. ”
Webinar Learner
“Because I am such a newbie in Photoshop, I realize I have a lot of work to do to learn this great program. I will have to listen to the recording many, many times to grasp the volume of information you presented. THANKS so very much for taking the time to share via VMA.”
VMA Member
“Mind Blowing – I am now so much smarter now! ”
Paul Giampolaoli
C.E.O. at PRINT, Inkorporated International
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