Just what is VMA, anyway? Glad you asked.

First things first: We’re not the Video Music Awards (you probably picked up on that by now).

That said, our members think we rock. And if we’re being honest? We totally agree.

That’s because Visual Media Alliance (VMA) is a non-profit trade association that was created to provide all-kinds-of-awesome benefits and money-saving programs for talented folks just like you.

Our members include creative, web media, marketing, and print business professionals located throughout Northern and Central California and Northern Nevada. You can learn more, right here.

Why we do what we do

Whatever it takes. From the beginning, this thinking has been the driving force behind everything we here at VMA do.

To do this, we make it our business to provide personal and professional development programs for both owners and employees. Best of all, our Corporate level monthly memberships are offered at surprisingly low rates that are far less than your coffee budget.

Interested in learning more? Check out our membership page here.

Want to learn more?