Heineken Package Design Goes Big


Heineken has partnered with creative studio VBAT in hopes of better visualizing its self-confidence on its cans. VBAT honored this brief by amplifying Heineken’s signature emblems — its iconic green and red star symbol — and minimizing miscellaneous details. According to VBAT, Heineken’s classic red star has been elevated as a “bright, bold and contemporary icon” with its logo encircling the can for a more striking look. While the wordmark will not be visible in its entirety, the brand’s longstanding heritage is expected to keep it recognizable. The new cans are being introduced in Mexico, Poland, France and Brazil this spring, and there are plans to debut them globally in the near future. Explains Lorenda Alward, brand manager, Heineken USA: “We’re leveraging our equity with a bigger, bolder brand name wrapped around the lower half of the can and reinforcing our immediately-recognizable red star in the most prominent position.”

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