Why UI Design Is All About Typography

Apr 01, 2019

  Ayadi Ghait I start off every design workshop by saying the following statement: The first rule of design is: It’s all about the type (...

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The 8 types of graphic design

Dec 17, 2018

Graphic design uses visual compositions to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography, imagery, color and form. There’s no one way to do that, and that’s why there...

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Here’s What Made the Most Eye-Catching Magazine Covers of 2018 

Dec 17, 2018

by Madeleine Morley Ladybeard Beauty cover   The rules of cover design have undoubtedly radically changed in recent years. So much so, th...

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Will Augmented Reality Last in Design Once the Hype Passes?

Dec 10, 2018

In recent years, AR has changed from a hobby for the tech-savvy into big business. But for how long? by Charmaine Li #TYPSZPLNSZ AR Post...

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Adobe launches Premiere Rush CC, a video-editing app made for YouTubers

Oct 16, 2018

By Dami Lee If you’re ready to graduate from iMovie and dip your toes in the video-editing world, Adobe’s newest app is tailor-made for upping your YouTube gam...

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Sketch gets virtual makeover with new interactive website by HATO

Oct 07, 2018

by Natashah Hitti | Graphic design studio HATO has created a new interactive website for London restaurant Sketch that invites guests to play with food, tiles and grass. ...

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The Myth of Invisible Design

Aug 19, 2018

Let’s make products as visible as they need to be One of the most persistent myths in design is that “the best designs are invisible.” There have even b...

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Graphic Design: 24 Fancy Flat Illustrations for Your Inspiration

Aug 14, 2018

Digital illustrations are one of the hot trends in design for the last couple of years. You may see them in web and mobile interfaces, advertising, posters and tutor...

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The Road To A More Creative, Meaningful Career

Jan 29, 2018

  Climbing a career ladder can be challenging and exciting. But, as we work for better opportunities, leadership roles and financial reward...

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Google releases library of 3D clip-art for use in virtual and augmented reality

Jan 18, 2018

Google has launched a digital library of user-created 3D objects that can be used to populate virtual-andaugmented-reality worlds.Called Poly, the open-source database...

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