Neenah Partners with 12 Designers for A Year’s Worth of Greetings

Apr 24, 2019

Notable paper maker and packaging producers, Neenah, has just announced a new partnership with12 of the design community’s most notable and emerging talents. A Year’s Wor...

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Tishk Barzanji explores human tragedy in psychedelic architectural illustrations

Apr 11, 2019

by Siufan Adey Kurdish-British artist Tishk Barzanji creates surreal, architecture-infused illustrations that depict impossible structures and dark domestic scenes, to ...

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100 years before cats conquered the internet, Louis Wain built a whole cat world

Apr 02, 2019

Master of Cat College by Louis Wain. All images in this feature are courtesy of and © Chris Beetles Gallery. By Tamlin Magee   London gallery owne...

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Tokyo 2020 unveils Olympic Games pictograms that nod to 1964 originals

Mar 25, 2019

  Ali Morri Tokyo 2020 has unveiled a set of 50 retro-style sport pictograms that pay homage to the icons introduced at the first Tokyo Olympics in 1964.Cre...

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Miffy and Rembrandt join forces to teach kids art history in this new book

Mar 05, 2019

By Giacomo Lee Hello Kitty's ancestor meets the forefather of modern artas part of a major new retrospective. Before Hello Kitty was Miffy, or Ni...

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In The Age Of Adobe Dimension, 2D Isn’t Enough

Mar 05, 2019

by Theresa Christine Johnson Collective Arts Brewing believes in two things: first, that creativity fosters even more creativity, and second, that creativity makes fo...

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“Wow, That Yellow Is Really Bright.” 5 Tricks To Get Your Design Noticed

Feb 11, 2019

by Daisy Bard Image by Tala Safié  Ever wanted your design to stand out from the crowd? Here are our top tips for even the most unima...

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Laurent Malys uses code to explore how processing can affect letterforms

Feb 07, 2019

by Ruby Boddington When we stumbled upon the experiments of Nantes-based engineer and generative artist Laurent Malys on Instagram, we had to find out more....

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Ken Sausage’s illustrations for Powerade Spain put the surreal into sports drink branding.

Jan 25, 2019

By Giacomo Lee Think of a singular soft drinks campaign and you'll probably stall at the animations for Red Bull and be stumped to think of anything different. Non-alc...

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Yes, techies, a custom typeface is a good idea

Jan 14, 2019

Custom typefaces often get a bad wrap as the fetishized, self-indulgent projects of “visual designers,” but platforms risk ignoring real metric-moving opportunitie...

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