Target’s Everspring Delivers Down-To-Earth Household Solutions

Apr 24, 2019

by Casha Doemland All month long, individuals and brands around the globe were showing Mother Earth a little bit of love from embracing eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyl...

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Heineken Package Design Goes Big

Apr 24, 2019

  Heineken has partnered with creative studio VBAT in hopes of better visualizing its self-confidence on its cans. VBAT honored this brief by amplifying Heineken...

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When Work Becomes Play: What We Can Learn from the Bauhaus 100 Years On

Apr 16, 2019

  Words by Ruby Boddington, Typography by Sascha Lobe This feature is taken from the AW18 issue of Printed Pages. For the issue’s cover sto...

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How to Design Your First Product Package

Apr 11, 2019

By Maria Papaefstathiou Designing product packaging requires looking at the design through the eyes of consumers. The packaging must stand out from other similar items on...

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Making Sustainability Tangible; From Excess To Resourcefulness

Mar 25, 2019

by Mike Webster Sustainability has entered the mainstream consciousness over the past few years, in the process becoming a key concern for most FMCG businesses today. ...

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Demystifying the Cannabusiness – how to brand for the budding marijuana market

Mar 05, 2019

By Giacomo Lee   Find the right designs and touch the right audience by taking a leaf out of big studio's books on branding for the cannabis industry. One...

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35 Packaging Designs That Feature Faces

Feb 11, 2019

by Natalie Mouradian We're big fans of illustration on packaging and we noticed that a lot of our favorite designs include illustrations of faces. Sometimes they're friend...

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Ken Sausage’s illustrations for Powerade Spain put the surreal into sports drink branding.

Jan 25, 2019

By Giacomo Lee Think of a singular soft drinks campaign and you'll probably stall at the animations for Red Bull and be stumped to think of anything different. Non-alc...

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We Can Produce Bioplastic With A Seaweed-Eating Microbe?

Jan 14, 2019

by Rudy Sanchez Plastics, aside from taking forever to degrade, also utilizes non-renewable sources like petroleum as well as other toxic chemicals. The production i...

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