Yes, techies, a custom typeface is a good idea

Jan 14, 2019

Custom typefaces often get a bad wrap as the fetishized, self-indulgent projects of “visual designers,” but platforms risk ignoring real metric-moving opportunitie...

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Colophon Foundry’s latest catalog features sharp illustrations by Stefanie Leinhos

Jan 14, 2019

by Matt Alagiah Colophon Foundry, the type foundry with bases in London and Los Angeles, has just released a new catalog presenting six ...

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Optician Sans is a font that completes the eye test chart alphabet

Jan 06, 2019

by Augusta Pownall Creative agency Anti has produced a custom font called Optician Sans by adding to the ten letters used in historic optotype eye test charts.Unlike the Sloan ty...

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Should You Design Your Own Logo?

Nov 26, 2018

By: Ilise Benun When your prospects and clients go to your website or online portfolio to look at your work, they will certainly assume that you’re the creative behind your ...

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Norwegian banknotes featuring Snøhetta’s pixelated designs now in circulation

Nov 23, 2018

by Natashah Hitti Norway has put new 50 and 500 kroner banknotes into circulation, featuring pixelated images of Norwegian coastlines designed by architecture studio...

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Taking Typography to the Next Level

Oct 16, 2018

  By Nigel French In typography, sweating the small stuff is more than just nitpicking; it’s about clea...

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Felix Braden Releases Typeface Simulating a Handmade Woodprint

Oct 08, 2018

Felix Braden has released Kontiki, a typeface that digitally simulates a handmade woodprint, but less expensive to produce and easier to correct. To create the typeface, 193 glyphs were...

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Design Something Every Day!

Sep 04, 2018

As designers, we’re all trying to get better at what we do. We surf the Web daily for hours trying to find useful tips and tricks to enhance our design skills. But what if...

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Bandido Coffee’s Award-Winning Design

Jul 30, 2018

By: Rudy Sanchez A minimal design can bring extra attention to a brand’s personality in a compelling way. In fact, sometimes it's best to avoid orna...

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Læsk Beverages Come With Playful Typography

Jul 20, 2018

Featuring a variety of playful typography for their design, Danish beverage brand Læsk created a way to stand out in the market and differentiate thei...

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