Access Intermediate

Microsoft Access is found at organizations of all sizes, across industries, both in the public and private sector. Still, skilled Access database designers are in short supply. Upon completing VMA's Access Intermediate class, you will have developed extensive skill with this powerful data management system, and its full array of utilities for information tracking, reporting and collaborating with others. With this approach in mind, your instructor will share a broad base of real-world examples applicable to all versions, so that you will leave with practical knowledge you can apply right away, including how to:

  • Designate relationships between fields in related tables.
  • Boost database speed and performance by "normalizing" the data.
  • Use referential integrity to maintain logical relationships between tables and fields.
  • Display information from multiple tables efficiently with subdatasheets and lookup columns.
  • Link related data tables with complex queries, such as inner, outer and self-joins
  • Incorporate calculated fields to display the results of a mathematical or logical expression applied to your data.
  • Provide visual cues, such as shapes and borders which group related controls, to assist the user.
  • Assist the user in entering appropriate data by using form controls and menus.
  • and many more topics...

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