Access VBA

Access VBA programming is an essential skill for anyone needing to customize their database applications. Using VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications, you can create easy-to-use forms with controls that let users sort records, find and modify data, launch subforms, and print reports, all at the click of a button. VMA's Microsoft Access classes have been designed to help you develop proficiency in Access. Taking this approach, this Access VBA training offers step-by-step guidance from instructors who are experts in all versions. Your training includes practical exercises that will cement your knowledge of how the coding works. Specifically, this Access VBA training class will show you how to:

  • Declare objects and variables to utilize features built into Access
  • Work with recordsets to connect to and access databases
  • Set up cursors and bookmarks to navigate your database tables
  • Develop forms with buttons that let users perform complex database tasks easily
  • Add error recovery procedures to bulletproof your programs
  • Manage projects, inspect properties, and edit modules in the Visual Basic editor
  • Step through code and examine values to quickly eradicate bugs in your programs
  • Integrate Access with Word and Excel using VBA
  • and many more topics...

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