Excel Intermediate

Microsoft Excel offers an unmatched set of mathematical and statistical functions, making it the most widely-used spreadsheet application worldwide. VMA's Microsoft Excel training has been crafted to help you develop the skill need to succeed in an administrative or financial environment. This class is taught by instructors that bring years of practical experience to the classroom, so that you will be readily able to apply what you learn, on any version of the software. Participants in this course learn to:

  • Manage large, interconnected sets of data with linked workbooks.
  • Add distinctive background images and watermarks to spreadsheets for branding or security.
  • Consolidate multiple rows of data into collapsible outlines.
  • Use powerful data filters and sorting to target specific data for analysis.
  • Test formulas and trace errors with Error Checking and Auditing tools.
  • Prevent data corruption or deletion by protecting a workbook, or specific cells.
  • Use Data Tables to explore the effects of different input values on a formula
  • Implement data validation to control which values are allowed in cells
  • Set up, use, and format PivotTables to analyze complex data sets
  • And many more topics!

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