Excel Lookups, Functions, and Macros

With its powerful ability to perform complex calculations, Excel is the industry-standard spreadsheet application worldwide. VMA's Excel Lookups, Functions, and Macros course will provide you with practical experience using Excel's most sophisticated features. Our expert instructors will draw on extensive industry experience to help you develop an advanced level of expertise with this powerful program. After completing this Excel Lookups, Functions, and Macros course you will be able to:

  • Apply advanced functions, including logical, financial, statistical, and database functions
  • Use Data Tables to explore the effects of different input values on a formula
  • Find specific values or determine the cell address of a specific value with lookup functions
  • Find answers fast with Excelââ?¬â?˘s easy-to-use "what-if" tools, Goal Seek and Solver
  • Use text files, XML files, Microsoft Queries, and Web Queries to import and export spreadsheet data
  • Save time and reduce errors by automating your routine Excel tasks with macros
  • and much more...

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