HTML Advanced

Having mastered HTML fundamentals of web development, you now would like to build websites that maximize the benefits of HTML in a CSS-rich, interactive environment.

This instructor-led advanced HTML class gives you the tools to ease the burden of working with complex code, while livening the interface with increased interactivity.

Using a hands-on approach to learning, this advanced HTML class helps you master a multitude of cutting-edge techniques. After our HTML class, you will know how to:

  • Divide long tables into discrete code sections to make updating and changes a cinch
  • Customize tables to your specific needs
  • Unravel even the most twisted table code
  • Enrich the user-experience with multimedia videos and animation
  • Design an interactive inline frame gallery
  • Group multiple web pages in a single window pane to help visitors from getting lost
  • Add text fields, menus, check boxes and buttons for registration and contact forms
  • and many more topics...

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