InDesign Advanced

Adobe InDesign offers an unparalleled ability to create visually rich documents for print publishing, or interactive documents and presentations to be published online. VMA's Advanced InDesign class will provide you with hands-on instruction and real-world experience of an Adobe-Certified Instructor, so that you will be able to move beyond the basics and employ InDesign's advanced features to design stunning works for print or for the web. In this class, you will learn to:

  • Create powerful layouts for virtually any medium with advanced InDesign techniques
  • Streamline your design work with InDesign's productivity and collaboration features
  • Integrate finished products with any number of graphics, Internet, and digital reading applications
  • Accommodate multiple target audiences with data merges and conditional text
  • Effortlessly manage assets stored locally or on a server with the links panel
  • Avoid costly printing errors by "preflighting" documents
  • Ensure predictable and consistent printing with saved print presets and composite proofs
  • Create vivid, interactive documents and presentations with video, audio, and navigation controls
  • Export documents and presentations into any number of multimedia formats, including PDF, SWF, XHTML or XML
  • and many more topics!

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