Programming for Beginners

Programming is an invaluable skill in today's job market. To teach you this skill, we've chosen the JavaScript language: an easy-to-use language that is commonly used to write everything from short scripts in web pages to full-blown web applications.

JavaScript has many uses in web sites. You can add ready-made interactive features, such as Google Gadgets or PayPal Buttons, by inserting their proprietary JavaScript into your web pages.

Our introductory Programming training teaches the fundamentals of programming to students with little or no programming experience. We start from square one, showing how a simple line of code can produce output. Using examples and exercises, our training takes you from a complete newbie to a novice programmer in no time. By the end of the class, you will know how to:

  • Approach problems like a professional programmer
  • Create a simple dialog box and present a message
  • Use variables to store names, phrases, and other bits of text and numbers
  • Compare two items and run your code if they meet a condition
  • Create re-usable code (functions) and execute them multiple times
  • Create "objects" to represent real-world items (e.g., cars, people) with attributes and related actions
  • and many more topics...

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