JavaScript for Programmers

JavaScript is the language of choice for Web developers who create dynamic web applications using the browser's built-in features.

As a JavaScript developer, you'll learn Dynamic HTML programming to program the browser and the HTML within it. The result is a full-featured application that runs within the browser and can be upgraded at the server level instead of the desktop.

Our Intermediate JavaScript class will take you through each step in the process, giving you professional tips and techniques for combining HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create cutting-edge Web applications. Along the way, we'll show you the best way to combine code from the three languages, develop browser event handlers, modify styles and behavior on-the-fly, and write code that is cross-browser compatible. Ultimately, the goal of the Javascript Programming class is to teach you how to:

  • Write Dynamic HTML using CSS, XHTML and JavaScript
  • Create JavaScript functions to handle events generated by the browser
  • Add validation to forms to ensure data integrity
  • Program Web applications using the Document Object Model
  • Use JavaScript to change CSS properties on a page
  • Detect browser types and customize your presentation for those browsers
  • and many more topics...

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