Word Advanced

An advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word lets you take advantage of powerful techniques that increase efficiency and help you design sophisticated documents quickly, around your specific needs. The Microsoft Word classes have been designed to help you build skill in Word, so that the Advanced Word course will prepare you to customize the Word toolbar for quick assess to often-used commands, user-friendly design forms, and to assemble and maintain a long document with all the professional-looking components your company requires. These advanced Word skills will give you a competitive edge when high-quality results are demanded under deadline. This advanced Word training course uses real-world, hands-on exercises to illustrate each technique, so that by the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create easy-to-use, pain free fillable forms that can control user input
  • Customize your toolbar and keyboard to perform a group of actions with a few clicks
  • Format book-length documents, including a table of contents, index, and outline
  • Supplement your work with footnotes, endnotes, citations, notes, and cross-references
  • Prepare your document for multiple user collaboration by tracking changes and controling permissions
  • and much more!

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